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All this crap I make, I have been making them since MySpace, and my style and abilities have developed over the years a bit. Not only did I design these, but I wrote most of them, like the humor is my humor, though some things I've repeated and they're rather obvious like, "All I need is Coffee and Mascara." I know my humor has issues, like deep-seated Freudian and Jungian issues, but words that describe it includes "whimsically profane."


I would say the top engaged items are HUMOR, and because I was a humor writer, most of my social media posts were centered around humor.

WARNING: Profanities and Toilet Mouth

My blog thrived on being profanity laced, and as a result, my target readership enjoyed reading “creative profanities” because it just expressed the relate-able feelings so well. No word was off limits. And Facebook was my home for shenanigans, dumbfuckery, and brutal honesties.


There was a huge trend in retro moms from old advertisements and pin-ups. This was a time when Blunt Cards became popular (which I believe predates Some Ecards).

My Target Market

My content seems to perform best for my target market: females, ages 35 to 45.


Everyone loves a little shock and awe, especially if it's 100% relateable, like "I do that too." I seem to be the queen of TMI naturally, so I tried to often use that to my advantage. I won't talk about this at the country club, but I will on my social media.
Parenting Issues are a trend, especially when I draw really horrible cartoons...

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