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I manage a few social media places, and I probably haven't been trying in the last 2 years in all honesty, but I do have profiles. I know what I'm supposed to do. I just haven't had a real need to do it, like "increase numbers of people who worship you," just isn't motivating me anymore. So this is my social media sucking.

My Facebook Profile

931 Friends

My Facebook profile posts things about my life, my brain, and my alternate reality. I try to be funny, but I'm not. 

My Facebook Page


My Facebook page posts shares right now, mainly funny or cute videos, or videos about humanity. 

My Instagram


I post random pictures about me and my life. 

Michelle Grewe


I pin many things with an emphasis on blog posts, blogging related pins, business, adult coloring, graphic design, and of course, recipes, DIY, crafts. 

My Linked In

875 Connections

I don't post much on this yet, but I do plan on posting business related posts and articles. 

My Twitter


I mainly post about motherhood and politics here, and all my Facebook posts forward here. 

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