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Unlike many graphic artists you will find in today's internet, I was an artist before going into graphic arts, and I often create my own graphic elements like Photoshop brushes and clip art drawings instead of paying for it. When I worked for my local paper doing graphic design, the clients loved me because I would hand-draw half of their ad for them. Back then, you just couldn't find easy graphics that were commercial-free to use in logos. I was their only graphic artist who was capable of drawing a quick little diddy for someone's logo. Now today, I do frequently purchase or grab some elements to save time, but a lot of them only come with a personal use license or a one-time commercial use, like I'm going to pay $40 for thousands of arrows so that I can only use it once. I am not the most amazing artist, and I suck at realism, not just because I'm not that great of an artist, but I seem to suck at realism in general, like I pretend my stairs are a broken escalator, but I would have been an art major had I believed there was any chance of earning an income with it. Most of my electives are art based. My preferred mediums are acrylics, charcoal, ink, and watercolor.

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Michelle Grewe HAS the milk

I drew that cow and made it dance to a photo of myself at a farm just because I'm UDDERLY amazing.

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