Quick and Easy Ass Kicking

I wanted to make a workbook to help small businesses define their brand identity, especially online. Most business owners do not have much time to devote to learning and planning. So I wanted to reduce the bull shit and get straight down to business. Instead of writing page after page of what one should think about, I decided to make a workbook that gets your mind in the right direction. This book would compliment my blog "Blogging As I Learn It" that thrives on informal tone.

Make People Feel

I have a huge focus on feelings and emotions because marketing textbooks will remind you that logic can be argued, but emotions? Not so much. In addition, people respond better to things that make them feel. So a good brand is one that has a personality that makes people feel good, one that is aspirational and inspires the feelings that leads people to conversions and sales. Not many workbooks out there really tackle this portion of the brand plan.

The Internet Loves Epic Visuals

And the word epic. The internet loves the word epic. But I do have a good section on branding in visuals because if a picture is worth a thousand words, so much of your identity is conveyed in those pictures. It's more than just a logo. Visual Aids are shared everywhere within a brand, from their print media to their social media. The website and the store front. And all aspects of what people's eyes absorb contribute to the ambiance they feel with your brand. And not only do I tackle that as a subject for consideration, but my own visuals in this book was purposely grayed purples and pinks because my target market is female bloggers, and the book is to be about them, so I wanted their ink to stand out more than my visuals.

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