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Around the time I started my healing journal and coloring book, From Dust to Essence, I decided to rebrand myself as a blog under my name that focused on spirituality. So I created michellegrewe.com to be Michelle Grewe, Writer, Artist, Spirit, and I posted about spiritual matters while offering free coloring pages. 

The Rose

I chose the rose to be my icon because it was my flower of choice to give to boyfriends (like roses, men are cheaper by the dozen), and it was my signature thing back in the day. Have you ever seen The Whole Nine Yards where Jimmy the Tulip (a hitman) always sends tulips to his victims funerals? Yeah, it's something like that, except nobody dies. I feel the flower on a ME-LEVEL because cliche soft petals juxtaposed with thorns, but also, it's the flower of love: the basis of my spiritual approach is that love conquers all. Also, it was easy to draw because I knew there was a chance I’d be drawing it over and over again. 

I chose the color pink because I wanted a friendship, compassion, soft look. 

Then I decided to use watercolor concept because it looks really good with black line drawings that has no other color to it (like a coloring page), and it matches the artistic concept. I felt like people prone to adult coloring would dig the look.

Blog Posts Featured Image

My template was a horizontal picture with a white background, water color splash, and a drawing I drew. I didn’t want to use text so that the image would be more malleable because the blog theme turned featured images into squares and horizontal images depending on its location.

Matching Pinterest Pins

For the most part, the template was to put the title near the picture on top of a watercolor splot. Then at the top, have a category. The signature, I chose to purchase Christianbohemian.com and had it forward to michellegrewe.com for something easier to remember.

At one point, I teamed up with #1000Speaks for Compassion, and we hosted a 30 Day Blessings Challenge that I later turned into a 15 Day E-Challenge. We also hosted a give-away with it.

I used this concept in my main social media avenues: Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest.

I also used the pink roses and watercolor concept offline. 

Promotional Cards

Business Cards


Even My Resume

My Car

Then on michellegrewe.me, I advertised my portfolio and freelance services. I wanted to keep the brand alive, but I also received most traffic from my blogginglearn.com blog, so I needed photographs too in order to stick with that brand. So this became my hybrid slider…

My Brand

Normally, I’m an aggressive, outspoken person, but I tried to keep my tone soft. Because I was getting involved with #1000Speaks For Compassion, a group of over a thousand bloggers who all decided to write about compassion at the same time, I wanted “Compassion” to really stand out in the brand. When I think about Compassion, I envision Jesus Christ petting lambs with the gentlest touch one can ever know while speaking soft, encouraging words. So my normal profanity laced drivel wasn’t really brand-friendly. There were times where I gave up on softening up my language and just let the visuals make people THINK that I am a soft-spoken, compassionate person.

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