Hello world! This Site is NOW IN PROGRESS

What happened was I had this glorious awesome looking blog on this web address and an awesome “let me design shit for you” site with michellegrewe.me. Then I got rid of them because of depression. Now that I’m feeling better (God I sound hopeful don’t I if you’re someone seeking to hire me?), I’m trying to get something back up, but new and improved. So it’s taking time, and as usual, the curse of Angelina (never NEVER compliment a goth chick on her dog collar) slows me down, but I’m going to make these sites. Until then, I have a free site on blogger I used to have this domain forward to. It’s the best I got right now. It’s not bad looking for a blogger site.

CLICK 4 Michelle’s Craptastic Site on Blogger! 

I honestly thought it was a dog collar. It had spikes. It never dawned on me they made ugly necklaces. I bet she used a real dog collar and called it a choker. Like she went to the wrong section of the store, like jewelry isn’t usually located next to dog food. She really did curse me. It was a big deal. She got my friends too. It costs $700 from an old Romanian woman to remove it. Per person. Because I can’t afford $700 for an MRI let alone curse removal, I’m fighting it with some good ole fashioned Jesus. And if anyone knows Jesus, His Time takes patience. Lots and lots and lots of patience.

So in my Jesus voice,

“Be patient my child. Her site and portfolio will be up and running in no time.”

Portfolio is now on michellegrewe.me


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